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8 easy turnaround tips you can implement to reactivate any conversation

Sep 18, 2022 | Important PSAs

We’ve all been there.

Dozens of hours into a sales deal, and they stop responding. You follow-up… but get crickets.

Now it’s time to spice it up.

Here’s 8 easy turnaround tips you can implement to reactivate any conversation:

Before we dive in, a quick note.

After your 2nd or 3rd unsuccessful followup email, you have to get creative.

The secret? do something *unique* and *value-add*.

Having substance behind your next reach out is how you can truly turn things around.

Let’s dive in.

1/ Come up with a compelling event

“There have been some exciting developments.

For customers who signup and go live before X date we’re allowed to waive implementation fees.

Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss next steps.”

– Drives urgency

– Unique reason to talk again

Some other compelling events:

>We’d like to showcase you as a customer in time for a specific conference

>We’re going to kickoff a fundraise soon

>We have to report our sales numbers by a specific date


2/ Proactively send a customized ROI breakdown

“I spent the time breaking down everything I learned about your business into an ROI analysis.

Please find an excel sheet attached. I’d love to discuss — let me know when works.”

– Leans on reciprocity

– Shows you did the work.

3/ Send a written summary of your latest call

“ I took the time to writeup a summary of our call. Sharing it here, hope it is helpful:”

– Demonstrates helpfulness

– Shows effort

4/ Use their product and make specific compliments about it

“I spent the last couple days doing a deep dive through your product.

This actually helped me learn a lot. Here’s what I learned:”

– Provides helpful feedback

– Shows your interest in them

5/ Ask for an in-person meeting and commit to traveling to them

“I think a great next step is us finding some time in-person.

I’d love to travel to wherever is most convenient for you. How does next week look?”

– Great excuse for a meeting

– Getting face time is invaluable

Pro tip: you can even say you’re in town

… and if they say yes I fly over immediately 🙂

6/ Ask what it would take to skip steps and sign quickly

“I thought I’d ask a simple question. Is there anything that would fill in this blank:

I’m ready to buy if _______”

– Shakes things up

– Can give you crazy good insights

This is one of my favorite questions to ask.

Even on calls.

It’s super simple.

And you’d be surprised at how many customers answer with incredible honestly.

6/ Send the prospect something in the mail

Ideally this can be

>Reflective of something discussed with the customer to show you listened

> Include a hand-written note to show you spent time on it

At Bolt we used to send chargers and a hand-written note.

It fit our theme of “lightning”.

And we used to say something along the lines of “we’re ready to supercharge your checkout.”

Ok that’s it folks!

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