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8 steps to improved sleep

Sep 18, 2022 | Self-Work

~Avoid artificial light at night~

Artificial light, quite literally, is unnatural.

The issue: it throws off your biological clock.

It can be 10pm at night, and with artificial light your body thinks it’s 2pm.

The pro move: candles

~Build a wind-down routine~

You can’t go from 100mph to 0 immediately.

If you can, you are blessed and probably don’t need to read on!

For the rest of us, we need a process of slowing down. 1 hr before bed: screens off.

Do something relaxing: yoga or reading are my go-to’s.

~Decompress during the day~

The key to great sleep at night begins during the day.

Find ways to pause and relax.

Think of it as “relaxation training.”

Take 10 minutes to go listen to music, do an extended shavasana pose, or take a walk.

Do this at least twice a day.

~Drink chamomile tea~

There are so many natural relaxants.

No need for sleeping pills.

For me, chamomile was key: one cup before bed changed the game.

Placebo or real? I don’t know and I don’t care 🙂

~Nix caffeine and alcohol~

It’s no secret that caffeine and alcohol suck for sleep.

Step 1 is no caffeine after 5pm, and no more than 1-2 drinks in a day.

Step 2 is none at all.

If you’re ready for incredible sleep, do this for expert mode.

~Eye masks and ear buds~

Light and noise are the enemy to deep sleep.

Do whatever you need to minimize them.

Blackout shades, soundproof the walls.

But when that isn’t possible, you always have earbuds and eyemasks.

~Sleep with the sun~

I believe the best secrets are in following nature.

And with sleep, consistent timing is everything.

Your body needs to build a clock.

And there’s no better clock than the sun.

~Don’t eat for 3-4 hrs before bed~

Some people think eating makes you tired.

True, but your body then kicks off digestion: a separate process from restoration.

This actually impedes deep sleep.

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