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Decentralizing Commerce Faster with Fanatics

Mar 21, 2022 | Business

When Bolt started, our goal was something we thought was obvious, even modest: Make checkout easier. 

To us, this just seemed like a no-brainer: If checkout was a point of friction for people and you eliminated the friction and made tools easy to use, more people would be able to get what they want more quickly. A lot of people seemed to agree with that idea, and Bolt grew because of it. 

But then we noticed more friction, and our goals became less modest. The truth is that digital commerce has miles to go before it’s frictionless and simple. At Bolt, once we noticed a few pain points, we began to notice all of them. 

We also spied new opportunities, and we started asking the kinds of questions that lead to inventiveness and insights. What if people could shop anywhere? What if it only took one click? What if once you shopped at one website you could shop on any website? What if you could do it all while keeping people’s data private and secure? What if…? 

Those questions—and the incredible team that helped to answer them—have led to a powerful moment today: Bolt is teaming up with Fanatics, the sports merchandising titan. Together, we’re taking a gigantic step in the mission of decentralizing commerce—and forever changing the way people shop and purchase on the internet.

Fanatics needs no introduction: They’re the biggest, fastest-moving, and most innovative player in the sports merchandising world. They work with all the household teams and leagues, and they’ve kept themselves nimble and aggressive, even though they’ve grown to enormous heights. We feel like they’re a partner that reflects all the best things about Bolt’s style, and we couldn’t be happier about teaming up with them. 

What excites me most, though, is that our modest beginnings have produced such major achievements. It’s because of an incredible team at Bolt and because our decentralizing commerce mission is as big and important as it’s ever been. 


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