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Talking Sales With Ryan Breslow

Jul 5, 2023 | Business

Ryan Breslow, founder & executive chairman of Bolt, reveals his sales secrets || Interview by Sunny Xu, Marketing Intern at Love

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ryan Breslow, the founder of Bolt and Love, to discuss key insights and strategies for achieving sales success. With his vast experience in the industry, Ryan shares valuable advice on network-powered transactions, pricing tactics, CEO involvement in sales, and much more. Ryan built a superstar sales team at Bolt, one of the key reasons behind the company’s growth to unicorn status. This chat is an excellent opportunity to explore his perspectives on how to sell and build a successful sales team.

Sunny Xu: Starting off with pricing in sales. It is a huge obstacle many cannot seem to overcome. Is there a way around that and how can it be transformed from a challenge to a sales weapon?

Ryan Breslow: No doubt, pricing is a critical aspect of the sales process. I understand that pricing should be approached strategically and not with the agenda of profit. By aligning our pricing with the return on investment (ROI) our customers can expect, we effectively communicate the value we offer. This transparency has transformed pricing from an obstacle into a powerful sales weapon. By showcasing the benefits and value behind the ROI, we differentiate ourselves in the market, justify and hold onto premium pricing, and ultimately drive increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Sunny Xu: You seem to focus more on sales and funding at the beginning of any project you undertake. Why is it important for a CEO to stay involved in sales, especially in the early days of a company?

Ryan Breslow: Because for any startup, early adopters are the key. I firmly believe in the CEO’s active involvement in sales, particularly during the early stages. Sales are the bread and butter for any organization, and the CEO’s direct engagement with sales staff and processes sets the tone for the entire company. For me, I gain firsthand insights into customer needs, market dynamics, and competitive trends by staying involved. This knowledge informs strategic decisions, helps build strong relationships with customers, and fosters a culture of accountability and customer-centricity throughout the organization.

Sunny Xu: Are there any benefits of closing the initial deals yourself when building a sales team?

Ryan Breslow: Closing the initial deals personally is instrumental in building a successful sales team. As the CEO, I believe in leading by example. No leader can lead if they’re not setting an example. By personally closing those initial deals, I gain valuable experience and insights into the sales process, allowing me to refine our sales strategy and identify pain points or objections. This firsthand knowledge is then shared with our sales team, empowering them to close deals more effectively and align their approach with our overall vision and values.

Sunny Xu: How can sending a written summary of a call and making specific compliments about the prospect’s product help the sales process?

Ryan Breslow: I was able to internalize the power of personalized communication. Sending a written summary of a call demonstrates our commitment to providing value and ensures that important details are accurately captured. Additionally, including specific compliments about the prospect’s product showcases our genuine interest and attention to detail. By taking the time to craft personalized messages, we build rapport and trust with our prospects, ultimately enhancing the overall sales experience and increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Sunny Xu: You have emphasized doing face-to-face calls rather than virtual calls. Why is that? What are the advantages of asking for an in-person meeting and committing to travelling to meet the prospect?

Ryan Breslow: The value of face-to-face interactions should not be neglected. When we ask for an in-person meeting, take effort to travel to meet prospects, we demonstrate our dedication to acknowledge their importance and establish a deeper connection. Face-to-face meetings enable better communication, the ability to gauge non-verbal cues like expressions, tone and overall response to what you’re saying. By investing the time and effort to meet in person, we create a lasting impression and lay the foundation to trust, which then contributes to successful sales outcomes.

Sunny Xu: Making prospects think outside of their comfort zone is a crucial task. Are there cheat codes we can use to push prospects into thinking outside of their comfort zone?

Ryan Breslow: For me personally, “What would it take to skip steps and sign quickly?” is a powerful question that encourages prospects to think outside of the box. This question challenges the status quo and provides valuable insights into their motivations, concerns, and priorities. Their responses offer us a deeper understanding of their decision-making process, allowing us to tailor our approach faster and address their specific needs more effectively. By uncovering potential barriers or opportunities for hastening the sales cycle, we can develop customized strategies that align with their objectives and improve the overall sales experience.

Conclusion: My conversation with Ryan has uncovered essential sales strategies and tactics that contribute to business growth. From leveraging network-powered transactions to optimizing pricing strategies, Ryan’s insights provide a roadmap for success in sales. Furthermore, his emphasis on CEO involvement in sales, personalized communication, and face-to-face interactions underscores the importance of building strong relationships and delivering exceptional customer experiences. By implementing these valuable lessons, businesses can enhance their sales performance and achieve long-term success in today’s cutthroat marketplace.

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