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Why Bolt’s Partnership With BigCommerce Is The Start of Decentralized Commerce

Mar 15, 2022 | Business

At Bolt’s outset, we were trying to fix the fundamental brokenness of the checkout experience. From that grew a company—one that, today, has its sights set on fixing commerce throughout the internet.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership: Bolt is uniting with BigCommerce and building our OneClick Checkout directly into BigCommerce’s checkout experience. It’s an automatic acceleration of the last part of a purchase—and it marks the start of decentralized commerce.

People use BigCommerce and build their stores atop its platform. Now, customers at those stores will have an easier, simpler, and more delightful checkout experience. For store owners, the benefits are obvious: faster conversion, and access to the Bolt Network, a millions-strong customer base that can finish a purchase with just a single click—even those who have never visited the store before.

This is a big moment for Bolt: We’re ramping up relationships we’ve had with BigCommerce for some time. We saw that most vividly last year, during Cyber Week 2021. Bolt represented almost one-tenth of all BigCommerce Sales, and those customers spent more per order than average. We knew then that we were onto something, and those seeds grew into today’s partnership.

This effort is also bigger than either company. Our mission from the beginning has been to give the same tools to a business of any size—to level the playing field for the smallest players in digital commerce. Our partnership with BigCommerce helps us do just that: Everyone from its top brands to its newest arrivals will have the same access to Bolt’s OneClick Checkout, with its fast set-up, incredible conversion, powerful analytics,, and multi-million person network of shoppers.

That helps make commerce fairer around the world and makes it possible for a small business with great products to compete with the biggest players in their field. We believe in that mission deeply, and it’s driven our efforts from day one. That’s why I’m so proud of our team today, and so thrilled to announce this partnership. We’re democratizing commerce and changing what it means to shop online.


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