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Why Calmness is the Most Powerful Force In Business

Mar 16, 2022 | Business

We grow up being told that fierceness is how to win in business. That leads us to work, fight, kick, and scream—endlessly. But building businesses, I learned something powerful and counterintuitive: There is nothing more powerful in business than calm.

So how do I stay calm in the toughest moments?

Take a deep breath (literally)

There’s a reason this is a cliche: It’s so simple and so powerful. Next time the stress feels overwhelming, take a deep breath into your belly and then breathe out. It’s effective, efficient, and easy—but tough to remember to do. Make deep breathing a habit, and you’re way ahead of the pack.

Find resolve in good intentions

Intentions matter more than anything. If you try to do good, the rest takes care of itself. Others will misunderstand you, and they’ll attach motives that aren’t true. But that’s life. If you really know your intentions and they are rock-solid good, you will win the long-run.

Move your body

The quickest way to stay stuck in emotions: staying stuck physically. That’s why you’ll hear common advice like “Walk it off.” Guess what? It works! Calmness doesn’t mean sitting still in a Zen garden. Moving can be the best way to achieve a calm state. (My favorite way to do that: Dancing it out!)

Write the thoughts down

Putting pen to paper is a crazy effective way to achieve calmness. Here’s why: when thoughts loop, they reinforce negativity. If you write them down, you break the loop. All of a sudden, the thoughts are on paper—and your mind thinks, “Oh, finally, it’s out!” Now the mind can relax and begin welcoming in new thoughts.

Remember that others have it far worse

If you’re reading this on LinkedIn, that means you have access to the internet. You probably have food, water, and shelter, too. There are billions struggling to survive day to day, people for whom those things would be a luxury. To achieve calmness, go beyond your specific situation or crisis, and have gratitude for your life situation.

Remember that others depend on you

We’re all fighting for someone or something. Family. Community. A cause you care about. Make a list of who you are fighting for, and refer back to it during your toughest times. It has a way of calming you down and leaving you more focused to face a crisis.

Reclaim your space

Sometimes you just need space and time, especially when whatever you are facing involves groups of people. There’s no shame in stepping aside and saying, “I’m going to take some time to think. Can we talk later today?” Alone time is hugely underrated and can be a powerful source of calmness and clarity.

And that’s it! Hopefully some of these tips lead you to a calmer mind. All of us in business face resistance. We can’t ignore it—but we can work through it. Keep your center—or as Bruce Lee says “be like water.” Ok, now back to work—calmly.

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