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10 More Megatrends That Are About To Change Our Future

Feb 22, 2022 | Society

I like to think about the big, era-defining shifts in trends—the ones that are going to make tomorrow look nothing like today. Here are 10 mega trends that are about to change our future.


Gone are the days of placement exams and useless memorization. Soon we’ll realize that real world skills taught by real world experts matter more. We’ll enable our kids to pursue their passions, not the next chapter in a textbook. We’ll re-learn how to learn.

Venture Capital

Venture capital will be so good at funding disruption that it will disrupt itself. In its place will come systems that allow capital to flow from the public to promising private companies. That will be a welcome change, as raised from the public means, in many cases, raising from your customers. It can lead to higher valuations and more flexible control provisions. And the company builds an army of supporters!


Chasing the next shiny purchase as a way of finding fulfillment is futile. We’ll realize this soon—in some sense we already have. Every week brings a new book or documentary on minimalism.

Good. Spending all our resources on meaningless things will soon be a thing of the past. We’ll start asking the question “how does this improve my quality of life?” And if something doesn’t improve our quality of life, we’ll avoid mindless consumerism and all of its related perils.


Our country is divided, and we all now see how useless that is. Those who preach unity will rise the ranks, if only because they will be so rare. Those who preach hate may get a short term following. But they won’t stand the test of time.

Work culture

Slaving at work is a byproduct of Wall Street in the 90s—an outmoded style of interaction between ourselves and the places that employ us. It served no purpose then. It serves no purpose now.

Every corporation will realize that someone fully engaged for 4 days per week is way better than zombies five-plus days per week. And our workplaces will reconfigure accordingly, with more flexibility, autonomy, and understanding. They will become places that don’t condone “work theater” and instead value productive output.

Work like a lion, not a cow. (h/t/ Naval Ravikant)


Glengarry Glen Ross sales culture is dead, too. The people on the other line won’t stay on like they used to. People want to be approached with respect, candor, and care. Creative sales tactics will be rewarded, but cutthroat will be cancelled.

Instead, marketing and sales will have to morph into something authentic. We’ll value humor, divergent perspectives, and products so good that marketing and sales operate with a feather-like touch.


Influence will be more transient as the competition rises. Anyone anywhere can earn millions of followers. The old guards of influence must keep up with the times; if not, others will be there to take their place.

In the new world, influence is for all. And we’ll see voices rise to the top who don’t need gatekeepers, critics, or approval to say what they want to say.


Elitism is completely dead. The new elite are one with the people. Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey set the standard for this—they speak their minds and communicate unfiltered to the public. Leaders can no longer stay behind closed doors or behind the professional communications ranks.

They must speak their minds. And that means being honest, authentic, jargon-free, and timely. Manicured and cookie-cutter statements won’t cut it anymore, because elitism is dead.

Financial Tooling

Today the best financial tools and instruments are available to the most wealthy.

Tomorrow these will be available to everyone, from financing to financial structures.

We’re already seeing this with cryptocurrency, which is taking tools and techniques once reserved for the very wealthiest and bringing them to everyone. It’s only the start—we’re on the cusp of a revolution in finance that is on par with any revolution in technology we’ve ever been through.


We grew up in a world that valued toughness more than all else. We were ok with winners and losers, as long as we weren’t one of the losers.

Today, vulnerability and communication are the new superpowers. Inner work will become just as important as outer work. We’re going to expect people to open their mouths—not just have stiff upper lips.


And there we have it!

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